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Make and Move: Shark

Author: Jen Green
Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books
Genre: Children / Animals
ISBN: 978-1-62686-490-0
Pages: 28
Price: $19.95

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There are many kinds of sharks and most of them are harmless to humans. These fascinating sea creatures come in many interesting shapes and sizes. Illustrations and descriptions of some of these sharks are included in this guidebook, which details the features that make them unique. Skeleton, skin, size, fins and tails, as well as other body styles and behaviors are described and explained.

In addition to reading the shark guidebook, kids can make a model shark from heavy-duty cutout cardboard pieces. Make and Move: Shark is a fun book for all kids who love to learn about animals.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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A House for a Mouse

Author & Illustrator: Rebecca Westberg
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1450511421
Pages: 24
Price: $9.49

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Whiskers and Cheesepuff are two mice living in a house. Foraging among the humans is great until one day Whiskers is nearly caught. The humans put out sticky traps to catch the mice, and Cheesepuff decides it might be best for them to leave. But Whiskers has a different plan which leads to surprisingly wonderful results.

These two mice are comfortable in their “house for a mouse” when they are suddenly faced with adversity. Although the easiest choice is to simply walk away, Whiskers thinks it’s possible that they can peacefully coexist. And in offering kindness to the people in the house, he finds a way for them all to be happy.

A House for a Mouse is a sweet animal story with a subtle message of peacemaking. Kids will love it!

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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Figley’s Search for the Perfect Pet (Mutasia)

Author: Suzanne Cotsakos
Illustrator: Ryan McCulloch
Publisher: Mutasian Entertainment LLC
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0985600280
Pages: 48
Price: $15.99

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Billie Penicorn is a penguin-leopard-narwhal with a problem. Her pugapillar is too boring, and she wants to find a new pet. So her friend, Figley, the possum-cow-finch, tries to help. He knows of several mixed-up animals that would make fine pets, and brings them to Billie one by one for her approval. Each of the possible pets is also made up of several different animals, and one part seems to be perfect while another is definitely not. Billie looks at them all, growing more and more frustrated that she can’t find the perfect pet. Finally, Figley discovers the one pet that would suit her best, and Billie is happy once again.

Billie doesn’t know what she’s looking for when she casts aside her faithful pugapillar. But in searching for something different, she realizes what she truly wants. Kids will see that the grass is not always greener on the other side, and what they already have is probably what they really wanted all along.

Figley’s Search for the Perfect Pet is a humorous story told with unique and colorful illustrations of preposterous animal combinations. Other Mutasia books in this series are also available, as is an adorable line of plush Mutasia animals. Kids will really enjoy these creative Mutasia books and stuffed animals. I highly recommend them.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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Super Animal Powers: The Amazing Abilities of Animals

Super Animal Powers
Author: Ryan Jacobson
Photographer: Stan Tekiela
Publisher: Wildlife Picture Books
Genre: Animals / Nature / Children
ISBN: 978-1-59193-648-0
Pages: 32
Price: $12.95

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Some animals can do amazing things. In fact, you might even say they have super powers. For instance, a Peregrine Falcon can fly more than 200 miles per hour. A Dung Beetle can lift and carry 1,141 other Dung Beetles. And a Northern Raccoon is the smartest and sneakiest thief, when it comes to food.

But these aren’t the only animals with super powers. This unique book describes the amazing abilities of 14 different animals with powers like super strength, super vision, and invisibility. Each two page spread describes the featured animal’s super power, and includes several photos of each in their natural habitats.

Kids really enjoy reading about our natural world and the fascinating animals that inhabit it. Super Animal Powers: The Amazing Abilities of Animals is sure to be a big hit.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

Gold Winner of the Mom’s Choice Awards Honoring Excellence.

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The Red Car That Tyler Wanted

Author & Illustrator: Mary A. Kurban, Ed.D.
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-692-67003-3
Pages: 20
Price: $7.99

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Tyler sees a little red car in the window of the store, and he wants it very much. His mom tells him that if he’s a very good little rabbit, he will receive it for his birthday. Tyler is exceptionally good. He finishes his milk and carrot, picks up his toys, and folds his clothes neatly before going to bed. After weeks and weeks of very good behavior, his birthday arrives. True to her word, his mom gives him his treasured red car.

A birthday party is planned for later in the day, and until his friends arrive, Tyler plays with his new red car. It’s just perfect and he loves playing with it. But when his guests finally arrive, Tyler has a problem. His mom only purchased party favors for six guests, and one of his friends brought his little brother. When his six friends receive their toys to play with, the uninvited little rabbit begins to cry. Tyler responds in a completely unexpected and heartwarming way, showing everyone that friends mean much more than things.

Tyler models an incredible generosity in not only sharing his toys, but his most treasured possession. Through his actions, he learns that giving is much more enjoyable than receiving. Kids and moms will adore Tyler.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

Mom’s Choice Award Winner Honoring Excellence

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Larry Saves the Prairie

Author: Matt Bergles
Illustrator: Rob Peters
Publisher: Merry Dissonance Press
Genre: Children / Nature
ISBN: 978-1-939919-29-8
Pages: 68
Price: $12.95

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When Larry Haverfield received a notice that he had to poison the black-tailed prairie dogs on his land, he knew it wasn’t a good idea. These creatures are an important part of prairie life, and without them, the whole prairie would suffer. So Larry found a lawyer and began to defend the rights of the prairie dogs.

Endangered black-footed ferrets depend on the prairie dogs, as do many other species. The prairie dogs dig tunnels that other animals use, and predators need them for food. And instead of harming cattle and horses, prairie dogs keep their grazing grasses shorter and more nutritious. If they were no longer a part of the prairie, all the other animals would suffer.

Larry Saves the Prairie is an educational and inspiring tale of one man who took on an unjust law and helped preserve prairie life. Kids will enjoy cheering for Larry Haverfield in his efforts to save the black-tailed prairie dog and the prairie.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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No Ordinary Owl (S.A.V.E. Squad: Book 4)

Authors: Lauraine Snelling and Kathleen Damp Wright
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Genre: Children / Wildlife
ISBN: 978-1-61626-570-0
Pages: 160
Price: $5.99

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This sequel to Dog Daze , The Great Cat Cape, and Secondhand Horses features Esther, who has just found out her family is moving. When the S.A.V.E. Squad finds two injured owls, they jump right in to help. And since this is the last rescue Esther expects to have with the Squad, she wants it to be the best.

Wildlife rescue is meant to help the injured owls return to the wild, and this means the girls aren’t allowed to get close to them. So instead, they turn their focus to finding out who tried to hurt them. As Esther grows increasingly frustrated by her impending move and their lack of success in their efforts, she and the Squad start to bicker. Will the S.A.V.E. Squad break up, just in time to add a new member – someone Esther doesn’t even trust?

The S.A.V.E. Squad series features four girls from different backgrounds who have become best friends and work together for good causes. Although they have their squabbles, they stick with each other, no matter what. Modeling faith, friendship, and service, this series is a fun read for young girls.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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Author & Illustrator: Ethan Long
Publisher: Holiday House
Genre: Children / Dogs
ISBN: 978-0-8234-3688-0
Pages: 24
Price: $6.99

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Pug sees Peg, and he wants to go out NOW! But no one is paying any attention. Finally he threatens Tad by lifting his leg, and Tad quickly responds to Pug’s wishes. Now Pug is glad, since Pug once again sees Peg.

Pug is a darling I Like to Read book that both parents and children can enjoy. Young children may not notice the subtle humor behind the leg lifting, who Peg really is, and the way both pug owners (and their dogs) secretly glance at each other at the end. But they will love Pug and fully understand that Pug needs to go out. Ethan Long is a talented author and illustrator with a great sense of humor, and he’s crafted another winner. Kids will love Pug.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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Smithsonian Magnetic Adventures: Jungle

Smithsonian Magnetic Adventures - Jungle
Author: Emily Rose Oachs
Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books
Genre: Children / Nature
ISBN: 978-1-62686-305-7
Pages: 64
Price: $22.95

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The rain forest is a fascinating place with an unusual climate and several layers. Each of these is specially suited to certain plants and animals. These layers include the floor, understory, canopy, and emergent, plus rivers and flooded forests. The Jungle guidebook is organized by layer, highlighting some of the birds and animals that live there.

Deforestation is an ongoing problem in the world, as the rain forests shrink every year. This impact and how kids can help try to stop it is also presented. A metal case with rain forest scenes allows kids to place magnetic animals in the right layers or in a jungle panorama.

Kids who love nature and animals will enjoy learning about the jungle with this kit. Smithsonian Magnetic Adventures: Jungle would also make a great addition to classroom libraries.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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Smithsonian Readers: Seriously Amazing Level 2

Seriously Amazing
Authors: Brenda Scott-Royce, Emily Rose Oachs, Stephen Binns, Ruth Strother
Publisher: Silver Dolphin Books
Genre: Children / Education
ISBN: 978-1-62686-452-8
Pages: 192
Price: 14.95

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Science and nature are interesting for kids, and Smithsonian Readers capitalizes on this desire to learn more about these topics. Seriously Amazing covers nighttime animals, sea life, baby animals, dinosaurs, solar system, and the human body. Beautiful photos fill each page, bringing the text alive and making it more engaging. Each section closes with a multiple choice quiz to determine reading comprehension.

The Smithsonian Readers series is designed for early, developing, engaged and fluent readers. In this level 2 book, kids will read mostly familiar vocabulary balanced with new phonic structures, longer words, and compound sentences.

Smithsonian Readers: Seriously Amazing Level 2 is sure to generate some curiosity and enthusiasm in the home and classroom. I highly recommend it.

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