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Billy Joins the Circus

Author: Anna Christina
Illustrator: Jenika Ioffreda
Publisher: Music Audio Stories
ISBN: 978-1-8383892-0-8
Pages: 34
Price: $18.99

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Billy the monkey has always wanted to join the circus, but his parents are less enthusiastic about the idea. One day a circus comes through the forest, and Billy jumps at the chance to join. But first he has to convince the Ringmaster and the flying dolly that he’s the right fit. Both ask him what he can do, and Billy sings to them about his skills.

Since this is a music audio story, the song is repeated three times with mounting enthusiasm. Billy shares his mobility skills, and kids will be able to join him as he stamps his feet, claps his hands, spins around, and jumps up and down. They will laugh with glee as they experience Billy’s joy in finally experiencing his dream of joining the circus.

Billy encourages kids to also follow their own dreams, because you never know when a circus will show up and offer you the opportunity you’ve always waited for. I highly recommend Billy Joins the Circus.

Reviewer: Alice Berger