A Minute to Think

Author: Juliet Funt
Publisher: Harper Business
Genre: Business
ISBN: 978-0062970251
Pages: 288
Price: $29.99

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Is it possible to reclaim creativity, conquer busyness, and do your best work – at work? Sounds too good to be true? A Minute to Think can show you show.

First, we need to address the problem – what is really causing our busyness? Next, we take a stragetic pause, conquer the thieves of time, learn to simplify, and unhook from the culture of now. Finally, we need to overhaul our email practices, elevate communication and work together with our teammates.

Throughout this book, author Juliet Funk provides examples and strategies on how to put these practices in place, reminding us that we can be more effective in our work once we eliminate the minutiae that distracts us. With a little more space to think, we will find the creativity that makes us even better at our jobs.

I highly recommend A Minute to Think for all business people who feel like they can never meet all the demands of their busy jobs.

Reviewer: Alice Berger