Iron-Sharpened Leadership

Author: John L. Gronski
Publisher: Fidelis Publishing
Genre: Business
ISBN: 978-1-7358-5636-0
Pages: 296
Price: $17.00

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John L. Gronski is a U.S. Army Retired Major General. He has faced situations where his decisions were crucial for the preparation and survival of his team, and he knows how to lead effectively. In Iron-Sharpened Leadership, he shares his military experience and demonstrates how to use it in a civilian setting.

Gronski believes there are three things that define a leader – character, competence, and resilience. Focusing on his years in the military, he provides examples of how he handled situations and worked with the people around him. Leadership is critical when lives are at stake, but it’s just as important in the work force, and his advice would be helpful for any manager.

Iron-Sharpened Leadership is well-written and inspiring for anyone who wants to be a great leader. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger