Fresh from Poland

Author: Michał Korkosz
Publisher: The Experiment
Genre: Cookbook / Polish / Vegetarian
ISBN: 978-1-61519-655-5
Pages: 256
Price: $19.95

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When I think of Polish cooking, the first things that come to mind are kielbasa and pierogies. While I absolutely love them, there is so much more to authentic Polish cuisine than I ever realized. Fresh from Poland shares some yummy vegetarian dishes for us to enjoy.

No Polish cookbook would be complete without pierogies, and a basic dough recipe is provided along with several intriguing and unusual fillings. For those who want to make their own farmer’s cheese, a recipe for twaróg shows us how. Various bread recipes tempt us, along with scrumptious desserts like pączki and angel wings. The main dishes and sides are filling, nutritious, and tasty, made from all natural ingredients.

Fresh from Poland is natural Polish cooking at its best. The recipes are carefully itemized, and there are full color photos of every dish. The book opens fully, remaining open on the table for ease of reference while cooking. Whole foods are prepared in delicious combinations to create a wonderful feast for the senses. I highly recommend this cookbook for any home chef who is interested in exploring some delightful new Polish dishes.

Reviewer: Alice Berger