A Generous Life

Author: David Green
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Christian / Stewardship
ISBN: 978-0-310-45257-7
Pages: 176
Price: $18.99

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David Green began Hobby Lobby in a garage in 1972, and he never dreamed it would end up as successful as it is. But along the way, he realized that he needed to make some important decisions about the company. How could Hobby Lobby best leave its legacy in the world, while also helping to support his family?

A Generous Life shares some of Green’s thoughts on managing a successful business while also living in a way that glorifies God and benefits other people. These ten steps to living a life money can’t buy include recognizing that everything is God’s, putting people before profits, and developing a vision for generosity, as well as many others.

Hobby Lobby is a multi-billion dollar enterprise, and Green had to make decisions that the majority of people will never face. Readers may struggle to relate to some of the issues that arose for him, but overall, they will get the message that it’s possible to be more generous no matter what their circumstances.

Reviewer: Alice Berger