Fish Sandwiches

Author: Troy Schmidt
Publisher: NavPress
Genre: Christian
ISBN: 978-1-63146-841-4
Pages: 196
Price: $15.99

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The feeding of the five thousand and the feeding of the four thousand are two miracles of Jesus that we hear about often. Beginning with just a few small loaves of bread and a couple of fish, Jesus was able to multiple a meager meal to feed all those men, not including women and children. But what do the stories mean to us today?

Unpacking the scriptures, Troy Schmidt demonstrates some of God’s promises: knowledge of our needs, provision, spiritual health, community, fulfillment, blessing, eternity, as well as others. While some folks find themselves in need of actual food sustenance, most of us are looking for more. We need “every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.” (Deut 8:3)

Along with personal anecdotes and stories, Schmidt provides Biblical sustenance in a fun and easy to read manner. I highly recommend Fish Sandwiches to all who want to go deeper into God’s word.

Reviewer: Alice Berger