animals, children

A House for a Mouse

Author & Illustrator: Rebecca Westberg
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1450511421
Pages: 24
Price: $9.49

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Whiskers and Cheesepuff are two mice living in a house. Foraging among the humans is great until one day Whiskers is nearly caught. The humans put out sticky traps to catch the mice, and Cheesepuff decides it might be best for them to leave. But Whiskers has a different plan which leads to surprisingly wonderful results.

These two mice are comfortable in their “house for a mouse” when they are suddenly faced with adversity. Although the easiest choice is to simply walk away, Whiskers thinks it’s possible that they can peacefully coexist. And in offering kindness to the people in the house, he finds a way for them all to be happy.

A House for a Mouse is a sweet animal story with a subtle message of peacemaking. Kids will love it!

Reviewer: Alice Berger