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Mini Habits for Weight Loss

Author: Stephen Guise
Publisher: Selective Entertainment LLC
Genre: Diet / Personal development
ISBN: 978-0996435444
Pages: 252
Price: $14.35

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The dieting industry has a lot to say regarding what we put into our bodies. Whether we want to go low-carb, count calories, or watch fats, we can find a plan to suit our needs. But each of these diets falls short when we can’t sustain them for the long term. If it can’t be a lifetime commitment, it’s doomed to failure.

Mini Habits for Weight Loss provides a unique common-sense outlook to long-term weight loss and management. Any diet plan can be modified to fit the Mini Habits system, although Stephen Guise recommends we eat more of certain foods and less of others to have optimum success. Adopting new “mini” habits is the key to this system, and some other tips and tricks are provided to help us accomplish our goals.

Backing up his claims with a wealth of research and scientific proof, Guise makes a brilliant case for why people don’t lose weight long-term by using certain dieting methods. And he shows how even the savviest shopper can be duped by healthy-sounding claims by food manufacturers. Mini Habits for Weight Loss is the most common-sense book on dieting that I’ve ever seen. I highly recommend it.

Reviewer: Alice Berger