Michelangelo for Kids: His Life and Ideas

Author: Simonetta Carr
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
Genre: Biography
ISBN: 978-1-61373-193-2
Pages: 144
Price: $18.99

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Michelangelo is one of the best known artists in the world.  Although he lived during the Italian Renaissance, much is known about him through documents and letters.  This biography shows us the story of his life, from childhood up until his last days.

An abundance of Michelangelo’s masterpieces have survived the last centuries, and people flock to admire them.  But who was Michelangelo?  What were the driving passions in his life?  The Popes of Rome, his Catholic faith, various ruling members of society, and his own family all influenced his art and his life.  An artist of that time worked for patrons, and didn’t always make his own decisions what to create.  Michelangelo was no exception, and at times had his hands full trying to please everyone who made demands on him.  But although commissioned by others, he left his own indelible mark on everything he created.

Michelangelo for Kids is a comprehensive biography of his life and works, which also includes 21 activities for kids.  These are art-inspired drawing ideas based on one of Michelangelo’s techniques.  Although this book is written for kids, adults would find this an interesting and informative read.

Reviewer:  Alice Berger