The Face of the Deep: Exploring the Mysterious Person of the Holy Spirit

Author: Paul J. Pastor
Publisher: David C. Cook
Genre: Christian
ISBN: 978-0-7814-1332-9
Pages: 304
Price: $16.99

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Defining the Holy Spirit is a lot like describing water. And in fact, this is where Paul J. Pastor begins this book: a midnight swim, plunging deep into ice cold water. While both can be discussed clinically, it’s a lot more helpful to experience them instead.

Using some of the ideas found in the book of Revelation, this book looks at imagery we normally associate with the Holy Spirit. These draw from key scripture passages: the seven lamps from the Old Testament and the seven lampstands from the New Testament. Images of new birth, anointing oils, breath of life, and holy flames, as well as others are explored. But rather than strictly quoting from the Bible, Pastor guides the reader through a poetic picture of the mysterious movement of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Quoting liberally from many different sources dating back to the beginning of the Church, he shows us how the teaching and experience of the Holy Spirit has grown through the years.

The Face of the Deep is not a textbook description of the Holy Spirit. Instead, it invites us to discover the Holy Spirit at work in our own lives. The foreword to this book asks the reader not to rush through it – better to linger and savor it. I strongly agree with this recommendation. Read it slowly and prayerfully, and enjoy.

Reviewer: Alice Berger