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I Can Make Dolls’ Clothes

I Can Make Dolls' Clothes
Authors: Louise Scott-Smith and Georgia Vaux
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Genre: Children / Crafts
ISBN: 978-0-500-65051-6
Pages: 176
Price: $19.95

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Fashion doll clothing can be simple and inexpensive for girls to make. A few scraps of leftover fabric, some thread, buttons, and snaps can quickly turn into dresses, skirts, purses, and coats. I Can Make Dolls’ Clothes provides easy-to-use instructions and patterns for 9 pieces of clothing and accessories designed to fit standard 12″ fashion dolls.

Most patterns use a single square of fabric along with embellishments to make the item unique. No elaborate sewing skills are needed – just a simple running stitch and the ability to add buttons, velcro and snaps. And for the creative younger girl, no-sew glue could always be substituted. Basic sewing instructions show exactly how to make the stitches, and the authors encourage girls to use these techniques to come up with their own variations.

Dressing up dolls allows girls to be creative by mixing and matching outfits to design something new. When they make their own doll clothes, they can enjoy the process even more. I highly recommend I Can Make Dolls’ Clothes as a source of inspiration and guidance, as well as a pleasurable crafting experience.

Reviewer: Alice Berger