Elwood Bigfoot: Wanted: Birdie Friends!

Elwood Bigfoot
Author: Jill Esbaum
Illustrator: Nate Wragg
Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-4549-0879-1
Pages: 32
Price: $14.95

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Elwood Bigfoot is all alone, and he wants to be friends with the birdies. He decides he will build a house in a tree so they can visit him there. After covering himself in feathers to look more like the birdies, he throws a house-warming party. But the birdies are afraid of his loud exuberance, and stay away. Maybe a birdie theme park would be more fun? Elwood builds one and hollers for the birdies to join him there. Still no birdies!

Finally, exhausted and discouraged, Elwood discovers why the birdies are staying away from him. They are frightened when he yells and chases after them. Once he decides to be more quiet and gentle and let them come to him, they like him and become his friends.

Elwood Bigfoot is a great book that teaches kids how to behave in a manner that won’t chase others away. Children often have this problem with pets, when a dog or cat is frightened of their wild behavior and runs to hide. And even other kids might not always want to be around someone who’s always loud. Being well-mannered always works best if kids want others to like them. I highly recommend this adorable book with a great message.

Reviewer: Alice Berger