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Catie Conrad: Faith, Friendship and Fashion Disasters (Desperate Diva Diaries Series)

Catie Conrad - Faith, Friendship, and Fashion Disasters
Author: Angie Spady
Illustrator: Channing Everidge
Publisher: B&H Kids
Genre: Middle-grade girls / Christian
ISBN: 978-1-4336-8460-9
Pages: 304
Price: $12.99

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Catie Conrad’s father, a journalist, has given her blank diaries to record her thoughts. Catie would rather have sketch pads for drawing her fashion designs, but she decides to give the diaries a try. Sixth grade has brought its share of challenges, and she discovers it helps to write about them.

Her brother Jeremy, aka the Germ, and his pet skunk are driving her crazy. The school dance has been announced, and both she and her nemesis, the ultra popular Miranda Maroni, seek the attention of the same boy. And the art contest has her stressed and determined to enter her very best fashion design. Her father has the worst timing in deciding to take the family on a mission trip to an Indian reservation just before the dance and the contest deadline. Catie will need a lot of prayer to get through the year!

Catie Conrad: Faith, Friendship and Fashion Disasters is printed as if handwritten in a notebook, with lots of sketches throughout. Middle-grade girls will relate to the drama of Catie’s life, and will be inspired by the way she tackles her problems, as friends, family and faith strengthen her. Although this is a Christian book, it doesn’t come across preachy, and girls will find Catie very real in her thoughts and struggles. I highly recommend this series.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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