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The Case of the Paranoid Panda

Author: Bruce F. Murphy
Illustrator: Christian Paniagua
Publisher: Bliss Group Books
Genre: Children / Mystery
ISBN: 978-1-940021-09-6
Pages: 120
Price: $10.00

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Irwin LaLune, skunk detective, has just stopped into Suzie’s Diner for a quick bite, when he meets Larry, an excitable squirrel. Larry has just visited Roger the raccoon at the zoo, who told him the panda was acting strangely.

Irwin can’t pass up this unusual case, and proceeds to visit the panda, Ling Ming, who refuses to talk to him. Puzzled by this paranoid behavior, Irwin begins to question the other animals at the zoo, looking for clues. As the evidence mounts, things look very grim for Ling Ming.

The Case of the Paranoid Panda is one of the best mysteries for kids I’ve ever read. The plot is well-developed, the animal characters have great personalities, and the case is solved in an interesting and exciting manner. I highly recommend this really enjoyable mystery.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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