Author: Murray McCain
Illustrator: John Alcorn
Publisher: Ammo Books
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-162326020-0
Pages: 42
Price: $17.95

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What is a book? A book is for colouring, for looking at, for writing in, and most important for reading. Thus begins this 1962 classic, reprinted for today’s kids to discover the joys of books and reading.

Books! explores the binding, glue and paper used in making a book. It shows us the letters that make up words, leading to sentences, creating ideas. The illustrations are fluorescent colored pen and ink drawings in an over-sized format, perfect for coffee-table display.

But the best part of all about books is the excitement and curiosity they generate. Books are a window to a whole new world, just waiting to be explored. After reading Books! kids will be eager to dive into some books of their own.

Reviewer: Alice Berger