Cross Roads

Cross Roads
Author: Wm. Paul Young
Publisher: FaithWords
Genre: Christian Fiction
ISBN: 978-1-4555-1604-9
Pages: 304
Price: $24.99

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We meet Anthony Spencer on his final day before becoming critically ill. He is an intensely dislikable man – paranoid, mean, and vindictive. But things are about to change when he wakes up in a very unusual place.

Now in a coma, Tony is living an alternate existence. Somewhere “in-between,” he converses with Jesus, the Holy Spirit (disguised as a native American woman), and the Father (who appears as a little girl). He visits earth by inhabiting the bodies of people who are fully conscious of his presence. And he’s given the chance to perform one miracle while there.

Tony’s personality is so abrasive early on that it makes it hard for the reader to even care about his well-being. But as the story progresses, he changes dramatically for the better. Tony’s journey reminded me of a pre-death purgatory, as he makes amends for the mistakes he made in his life, preparing for an eternity in heaven.

Cross Roads is Christian fiction, and shouldn’t be treated as a theological discussion of the afterlife. But it does provide a good opportunity for reflection on what might happen to us if we were suddenly called to account for the way we’ve lived our lives. Book clubs will find that this story leads to some interesting discussions.

Reviewer: Alice Berger