How Roland Rolls

How Roland Rolls
Author: Jim Carrey
Illustrator: Rob Nason
Publisher: Some Kind of Garden Media
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-9893680-0-1
Pages: 68
Price: $16.95

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Roland the wave has big plans and lots of friends out in the ocean. But waves come to a crashing end at the shore, and he knows he’s heading there soon. As he hits the sand, he realizes that he’s not just a wave but a part of the sea – a part of all of the water on earth. He’s much bigger than just a wave.

Being aware of our inter-connectedness with others and the whole universe is part of the abundance consciousness movement promoted by many of the modern-day enlightened teachers. In How Roland Rolls, kids see that Roland is not limited by his thoughts, but is actually much bigger than those thoughts. He’s capable of being whatever he wants to be.

It’s important for kids to believe in themselves and see the many options they have in life, but I don’t feel this book presented this concept in an easy-to-understand manner. Parents may need to spend some time explaining the story’s intention. The large and bold illustrations are nicely done, and Carrey makes cameo appearances in cartoon fashion.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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