Burton the Kind Scarecrow

Burton the Kind Scarecrow
Author: V.A. Boeholt
Illustrator: Nathaniel P. Jensen
Publisher: Little Five Star
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-58985-202-0
Pages: 36
Price: $11.95

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Burton, the scarecrow, guards the farmer’s field. As the animals visit him, they want to take plants and vegetables with them to build warm winter nests. Burton asks them not to touch the harvest, and instead gives them pieces of clothing and straw from his body. Soon there is almost nothing left of him, and the farmer decides to build a new scarecrow to replace him. But the animals have heard of Burton’s dilemma and come to his rescue.

Burton is very kind to the animals, giving of himself until he has nothing left to give. In return, the animals are kind to him, making sure he will be around for many more years, and offering him a companion he didn’t expect. Burton is a wonderful model for children to learn from and emulate. Although he gave with no thought of what he would receive in return, his kindness reaped many rewards.

Burton the Kind Scarecrow includes a teacher’s guide to be used along with the book. Story concepts, glossary, information on scarecrows, reader and listener tips, activities, and internet links are all provided. This would be a great fall read for classrooms.

Reviewer: Alice Berger