Me’ma and the Great Mountain

Author: Lorin Morgan-Richards
Publisher: A Raven Above Press
Genre: Literary
ISBN: 978-0983002031
Pages: 138
Price: $10.00

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A young girl named Me’ma makes a daring escape when the Baron’s men invade her village. Aided by a wolf named Bright Eye and her two purple leaf dolls, Xetacu and Tchesue, she heads up the river toward the Great Mountain. Grandfather told her that the land beyond was beautiful, free from all cruelty. Me’ma decides this is the place she longs to settle and sets off with determination.

Along the way, she meets some interesting characters: a man with a head that tilts off, and needs to be held in place (he had been hanged), a woman whose body is split in two, and one half falls off the other when not belted securely (she had been sawed in half), and various mounted, stuffed, and skinned animals who have learned the ability to talk. And finally she meets the Baron and his henchmen, face to face, in a great showdown over the Serpent.

While Me’ma journeys toward the Great Mountain, her overriding concern is the for the native people, plants and animals of the area. Respecting nature comes easily to Me’ma, and she wants everyone to be treated safely and fairly. And since the Baron and the Serpent are the enemies of all, Me’ma particularly wants him stopped. Symbolizing the way native peoples were removed from their land, this story reminds us that nothing good can come from such violence. Me’ma and the Great Mountain is a lesson reminding us of our obligation to treat others with fairness and kindness, allowing all to remain free.

Reviewer: Alice Berger