Money 1 & 2

Author: Jim Randel
Publisher: Rand Media
Genre: Finance
ISBN: 978-0-692-01528-5 / 978-0-9852818-0-9
Pages: 116 / 114
Price: $9.95

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For many of us, money can be a confusing topic. We’re earning money, but we’re not exactly sure what we’re doing with it. In this personal finance series, saving, borrowing, and investing are just some of the areas discussed.

In Money 1, the basics are covered. Each of the fifty topics is touched on in a one-page summary. As with all of the “…and a whole lot more!” books, an extensive bibliography is provided for those who want more information.

Money 2 digs deeper, covering fifty more topics, including real estate transactions, the stock market and mortgages. Although these are quick “bites” of information, the bibliography will assist those serious about learning more.

Just like the “Skinny On” books, this new series is meant to provide the maximum amount of content in the shortest manner possible, both for ease of reading and succinctness. It’s up to the reader to decide if more information is necessary. If you need a financial refresher course or are just starting out, this series would be a great resource.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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