Christian, memoir

Embracing the Gray

Author: Mark A. Hollingsworth
Publisher: Wheatmark
Genre: Memoir / Christian
ISBN: 978-1-60494-417-4
Pages: 248
Price: $18.95

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Mark A. Hollingsworth has lived a full and exciting life. Spending time working with major rock bands over the years has allowed him to get to know them and the music business. But his most important contacts have turned out to be the Christian folks he was fortunate to meet.

In Embracing the Gray, Hollingsworth tells of his struggles with his faith after several of his friends died. But after some time of soul-searching, he returned to his Christian roots with a new vigor. Hollingsworth then worked with Compassion International, a Christian organization that helps by connecting families in the US with impoverished children in other countries through a sponsorship program.

It’s refreshing to see a person with strong Christian faith admit that there were dark times in his life when it was difficult to believe in God. But God was true to him, and brought him back into the fold when the time was right. I highly recommend this wonderful memoir.

Reviewer: Alice Berger