Christian, memoir

A Love Story: How God Pursued Me and Found Me

Author: Samantha Ryan Chandler
Publisher: Crossbooks
Genre: Christian / Memoir
ISBN: 978-1-6150-7761-8
Pages: 108
Price: $28.95

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Who can you turn to when there’s no one on earth that can help? For Samantha Ryan Chandler, her only hope was God, who loved her unconditionally and stood by her through all her trials and tribulations.

In this Christian memoir, Chandler shares her story of abuse, first by her mother and then later by her husband. Chandler believes in the sanctity of marriage and willingly stays with him, despite his treatment of her. But when she finally reaches the point she’s ready to leave her marriage, God supports her decision and helps her through the divorce.

A Love Story isn’t told in a strictly chronological manner, but instead jumps from topic to topic. The author has a light, breezy style, and this book is a quick and easy read. God pursued Chandler – now she hopes the reader will find Him in her story.

Reviewer: Alice Berger