Frieda B. Herself

Author: Renata Bowers
Illustrator: Michael Chesworth
Publisher: Frieda B
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-9843862-3-9
Pages: 32
Price $15.00

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Frieda B. is the world’s biggest dreamer. With her fiery red hair and freckles, she hardly ever wears shoes, and she takes her dog, Zilla, wherever she goes. Visiting the sea, the moon, and planets far away, she dances and laughs at her amazing adventures.

But one day she is frightened that she’s lost her ability to dream.  Frustrated, she worries she’ll never find it again.  Thank goodness her imagination is alive and well, and off she goes once again.

Frieda B. Herself is a girl with a free spirit, enjoying whims of fancy and rhyme. There are no limits to where she can go and what she can do. Michael Chesworth’s bright and cheerful watercolor illustrations bring Frieda’s world to life, as we travel along with her. A fun and inspiring read for children and adults of all ages, Frieda B. reminds us we’re never too old to dream.

Reviewer: Alice Berger