children, dogs

Alphabet Woof!

Author: Sherrie A. Madia
Illustrator: Patrick Carlson
Publisher: MommyDaughter Productions
Genre: Children / Dogs
ISBN: 978-0-9826185-0-9
Pages: 28
Price: $18.00

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Aunt Mabel is visiting, and that can only mean one thing – mealtime will definitely be interesting! But who could know just what would happen? When Aunt Mabel’s magical alphabet soup lands on the floor, Moxy the dog laps it up, with surprising results. And when his wish comes true, Moxy certainly has a lot to say about it.

Alphabet Woof! is written in rhyme, with bright and vibrant illustrations of Moxy and his family. This funny story is full of laughs, and kids will enjoy seeing this lovable dog’s crazy rise to fame. But all good things tend to run their course, and Moxy’s story is no exception.

If dogs could really talk, they’d give a big cheer for Sherrie A. Madia, since a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit the SPCA. If you’d like to see what Moxy has to say, visit this interview with the famous canine himself. And you can also check out these Pet Safety Tips, to keep your pets healthy and happy through the holidays. A wonderful read for all ages, Alphabet Woof! is highly recommended.

Reviewer: Alice Berger