fantasy, tween

Dream Share

Author: Rita Milios
Publisher: Cypress
Genre: Tween
ISBN: 978-0-9822337-2-6
Pages: 108
Price: $12.95

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A baseball game turns tragic, and fifteen year-old Nathan is left in a coma. Sam idolizes his older brother, and spends as much time as possible at Nathan’s side. Suddenly Sam is pulled into his brother’s thoughts and experiences, entering Nathan’s dreams.

In this dream state, Nathan and Sam experience a whole different world. In this alternate reality, their thoughts influence the things around them, and how they react will determine if they can survive. But can Sam make it out, and will he be able to bring Nathan with him? Will Nathan recover?

Dream Share is an interesting look at the dream state, especially when in a coma. It also explores the idea of being able to enter another person’s dreams and share that dream experience. The story is told in a fast-paced and engaging style that pulls the reader in to see what will happen next. There is also a section at the back that explains certain dream phenomena, and helps to interpret some dreams.

Reviewed by: Alice Berger