bilingual, children

Guess It If You Can!

Author: Celina Penovi
Illustrator: Dario Salvi
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Genre: Children / Bilingual
ISBN: 978-1-4490-2744-5
Pages: 24
Price: $15.99

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Can you guess what classroom items are described in these poems? In both English and Spanish? Cute pictures give clues to these riddles, but you’ll have to read them closely to figure them out.

Guess It If You Can! challenges us with eight different items to discover. On one side the poem is in English, and on the other side in Spanish. Kids can work through the puzzle in the language they’re most familiar with, and then look at the other to learn something new. Although the poems don’t translate word for word, it’s fun to see how a phrase in English is spoken in Spanish.

Creating rhymes in two languages isn’t the easiest of feats, but Celina Penovi does a nice job in this book. Although at times the lines are a bit forced, the message comes through clearly, and kids will have fun trying to figure out what classroom items are suggested. This book is a great tool for kids and adults to learn some new words and phrases in a second language – either English or Spanish.

Reviewer: Alice Berger