Christian, inspiration

Gloria’s Miracle

Author: Jerry Brewer
Publisher: San Juan Publishing
Genre: Faith / Inspiration
ISBN: 978-0-9707399-7-1
Pages: 256
Price: $21.95

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When a seven year-old is diagnosed with an incurable form of cancer called neuroblastoma, it’s easy for a family to lose faith. But when Gloria Strauss is the little girl involved, faith is rejuvenated and strengthened. In Gloria’s Miracle, Seattle Times sports reporter Jerry Brewer shares the incredible story of a little girl’s belief in miracles and the family who rallies around her.

The author originally chose to report this story for the newspaper because of Gloria’s father, Doug’s, sports connection as high school coach. But before long, Brewer was no longer a spectator writing about this family. Instead, he was a friend they turned to in times of grief and celebration.

Early on in Gloria’s struggle with this insidious form of cancer, her mother, Kristen, received what she believed was a message from God. Your daughter will have an incurable disease. When I heal her, I will change the lives of many. The Strauss family believed God had a miracle in store for Gloria, and they lived to glorify God and pray for His miracle.

This faith of this devout Catholic family reached the whole community, as all those who met Gloria were moved to pray with her and for her to be healed of her illness. Even the author’s shaky faith was restored, as he witnessed the many miracles God provided for Gloria and her family.

If your faith has faltered, or even if it’s solidly intact, you are sure to be touched by this moving tribute to a beautiful and inspiring girl. God is truly changing the lives of many through Gloria and her family.

Reviewer: Alice Berger