Moments of Forever

Author: Dr. Bill R. Path
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Philosophy
ISBN: 978-0-595-53209-4
Pages: 168
Price: $15.95

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If you’ve ever wondered if your life had any purpose, you’re not alone. Dr. Bill R. Path has also pondered this question, and he shares his thoughts in Moments of Forever. When we can see our lives as part of the forever continuum, our small contributions to society become much larger than we could imagine.

This forever perspective refers to the great human connection, and it spans all our lifetimes strung together. Our lives are a link in the endless chain of human life, and we have so much more power for positive good than we realize. By determining how we can make the most of our lives and then living according to that direction, we can influence forever.

Moments of Forever is a positive reminder that we have a higher purpose in living. This book is philosophical in nature, and at times the author’s reasoning may seem too difficult to understand fully, but then a phrase or sentence will suddenly jump out, resonating deeply with something we may feel inside. Reading it will change your view of your life, and even your own mortality, hopefully for the better.

Reviewer: Alice Berger