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Give Me the Moon

Author: Roxane Marie Galliez
Illustrator: Cathy Delanssay
Publisher: Hammond
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0841-671386
Pages: 40
Price: $14.99

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Ava secretly admires Marcello, the boy who plays the violin so beautifully. But Marcello never says a word to her, although he admires her from afar. Vincent is also in love with Ava, and declares that he will give her the moon if she will run away with him. Torn between her feelings for Marcello, and the hand Vincent offers her, Ava must decide.

This old style romance of a lady choosing between two suitors takes place in Venice, and explains the origins of the cello. Cathy Delanssay’s charming illustrations bring this fairy tale to life in vibrant colors, vividly expressing the emotions of the lovers through their eyes and body language. Give Me the Moon will transport the reader back to old Italy, to a place where love is complex, but life is simpler.

This beautiful picture book is one of Hammond’s new line of children’s fiction. I’ve been privileged to review several of these delightful books, and I’ve enjoyed them very much. Expanding their focus from maps, Hammond is now bringing the world to us through their stories from around the globe. Children will love these beautiful oversize picture books with gorgeous illustrations and cultural tales.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

February 17, 2010 - Posted by | children

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