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Big Box, Little Box: How One Little Box Finds His Way

Author: Damien K.H. Nash & Kathy Nash
Illustrator: Steve Miller
Publisher: Friends of Faith
Genre: Children
ISBN: 9780984172931
Pages: 68
Price: $13.99 (book) / $8.99 (DVD)

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Little Box is afraid of the heaviness he feels inside. Big Box explains that this is his potential, and then explains how he can develop it, as they travel together through the Potential Delivery Center.

Using the metaphor of shipping boxes, Big Box shows Little Box all about labels, and how they can be used. If the wrong label is applied, potential can be diminished, so Little Box needs to recognize how special he is. Then he won’t be affected by a bad label. Little Box also learns how to rely on others around him as a support system. And he meets the Perfect Label-Giver, who is symbolic of Jesus Christ.

It’s easy for us to accept the labels we’re given as children, and often we look back at a wrong label and wonder why we ever believed it. But since those labels carry so much power, it’s important for kids to reject the bad ones as soon as possible. Big Box, Little Box provides an opportunity for discussion about these labels, and for kids to learn to reject bad labels with the help of their parents.

Although this video and book are targeted to young children, the message may be a little hard for that age group to grasp. Parents will need to spend time explaining the idea of labels, and let kids know that Emmanuel, the Perfect Label-Giver, represents Jesus, since this is not obvious.

The DVD is a video version of the text of this book, and it’s subtitled in English, French and Spanish. This cute tale packs a powerful message, and I think kids will enjoy the story of this mentor box and his young protege.

Reviewer: Alice Berger