Christian, inspiration, self improvement

I AM Says, “You Are…”

Author: CJ Rapp
Publisher: Infusion Publishing
Genre: Christian / Inspiration / Devotional
ISBN: 978-0-9824790-0-1
Pages: 180
Price: $12.95

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Women often struggle with self-esteem issues. This general feeling of unworthiness is a message from the world, and does not come from God. If we study the Bible closely, we can see just how much God really treasures us.

In I AM Says, “You Are…”, author CJ Rapp has provided a 30-day devotional study designed to show women their true value as God’s children. Each day’s study touches on one message God has for us, such as “You are significant,” “You are beautiful,” and “You are royalty.”

These messages are accompanied by relevant Bible verses which back up the statements and provide positive reinforcement. Questions that guide us to “take out the trash” help remove our negative thinking about ourselves.

God truly loves us, even though the world often sends us messages that cause us to doubt our worthiness. This wonderful devotional reminds us that we are princesses of His kingdom, and God cares about us more than we can ever know. I highly recommend this study.

Reviewer: Alice Berger