Get Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Author: David R. Portney
Publisher: Kallisti Publishing
Genre: Marketing / Public Speaking
ISBN: 978-0-9761111-7-7
Pages: 260
Price: $24.00

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Attracting clients to your business can feel like an overwhelming task. You can try email or traditional mail, word of mouth, and advertising. But these techniques can cost a lot of time and money, and often bring in very little new business. Or you can try a different approach – seminars and public speaking.

David R. Portney has over 20 years experience in running seminars, and he has distilled his wisdom in Get Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. In his easy-to-follow 30 day plan, he’ll show you exactly how to set up your own seminars and bring targeted clients to your doorstep.

People can think of many reasons why they wouldn’t be successful as a public speaker. Stage fright, lack of expertise, and the inability to plan for a speaking engagement hold them back from tapping into the incredible power seminars offer. But Portney shows us that we can easily get past these self-limiting beliefs by following his simple plan.

If you’re ready to move in a powerful new direction and reach out to clients eager to do business with you, you would be wise to read this book. Seminars and public speaking will be just what you need to bring in more new clients than you ever dreamed possible.

Reviewer: Alice Berger