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Why Did I Get This Credit Card?

Author: Twyla Prindle
Illustrator: Randy Jennings
Publisher: Prindle House Publishing
Genre: Children / Finance
ISBN: 978-0-9819372-9-8
Pages: 48
Price: $9.95

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Little Twyla has just been given a credit card. Dad says it’s just for emergencies, and he wants her to keep in her dresser drawer for a week. Then he’ll explain how it works.

The lure of easy spending is too tempting, and Little Twyla has other ideas. If she goes to the mall, she can buy whatever she likes. She doesn’t need to pay with cash – she has her new credit card. But her joy is short-lived when the time of reckoning comes. The receipts are tallied and Little Twyla knows she’ll be working hard to pay off her credit card bill.

Since children today have credit cards, it’s important for them to know how they work, and what the consequences of their actions will be. So many adults get their first credit card and think they have unlimited spending ability – until they get the bill. If kids learn credit card skills when they’re young enough, they’ll grow up to be responsible adults who don’t abuse credit.

Why Did I Get This Credit Card? is part of the Kash Kids series, designed to help children understand how to manage money. I highly recommend these books for all kids and their parents as an educational tool for personal finance.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

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