Ryan & Robbie’s Bike Ride Adventure

ryan & robbie
Author: Roger Hackett
Illustrator: Jared Beckstrand
Publisher: Ryan and Robbie
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-0-9820254-6-8
Pages: 64
Price: $15.99

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Ryan and Robbie have new bikes, and can hardly wait to have some adventures. But before they leave, their mother has a special gift for them. She is Chinese, and she gives them each a pendant with a symbol on it, and shares a bit of secret wisdom. As they bike around the neighborhood with their dad, they discover situations that require this wisdom, and they use it to solve problems together.

I liked the fact that this is a multi-cultural family, and that their Chinese mom wants to share her traditions with her children. The message of teamwork and being a good older sibling is also presented in a non-preachy manner. But I had a hard time seeing this bike ride as an adventure. Nothing particularly adventurous happens and their dad is with them the whole time.

Ryan & Robbie’s Bike Ride Adventure also comes with a read-along CD, so kids can listen as they read. Jared Beckstrand’s illustrations are bright and crisp, and complement the text well. Overall, this story is a good read for kids.

Reviewer: Alice Berger