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The Lake That Stole Children

Author: Douglas Glenn Clark
Publisher: CreateSpace
Genre: Fable
ISBN: 978-1438243580
Pages: 50
Price: $6.25

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The fisherman knows only discipline and strict obedience in raising his two children. Although his son also wants to fish in the river, he is repeatedly denied his heart’s desire. Until one night he goes against his father’s wishes and faces the river by himself.

The lake claims the son, who joins other children inside a large glass fish. Their common bond is sadness, and the adults on the shore don’t want to face their part in the children’s disappearances. But the fisherman wants his son back, and he’s brave enough to face the glass fish.

Written in fable style, The Lake That Stole Children shows us many facets of our emotions and personalities. In this tale, the father recognizes his own limitations, and makes positive changes as a result of losing his son. And in seeing his father change, the boy grows up learning how to be a better father.

While the author intended this story to be a harrowing thriller for young adults, I didn’t feel there was enough action to grab the teen audience. But as a short story for adults, it packed a powerful message. Parents always need to be aware of their kids’ emotions before they disappear into their sadness, lost to us forever.

Reviewer: Alice Berger