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Baron Thinks Dogs Are People Too!

Author: Laurie Dean
Illustrator: Kevin Collier
Publisher: Big Tent Books
Genre: Children / Dogs
ISBN: 978-1-60131-035-4
Pages: 24
Price: $14.00

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Baron lives with his human mom and dad. He loves to be around people, and especially loves squishy hugs. His parents let him play outside with some neighborhood kids, but what he wants most is a best friend. Finally his wish is granted.

Baron and his human companions come to life in Kevin Collier’s vivid illustrations, but this simple story seems to lack something. Dogs are a strong attraction for kids, but I felt Baron’s problem was too easy to solve. It would have been more interesting to me if he had to overcome some kind of obstacle, rather than simply showing up to accomplish his goal.

Romping, playful puppies are fun, and kids can relate to wanting a best friend. Younger children will probably enjoy reading Baron Thinks Dogs Are People Too!

Reviewer: Alice Berger