children, dogs

Puppy Stew

Author: Caroline Gregory
Illustrator: Michael Suorsa
Publisher: Sortis Publishing
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-097720259-1
Pages: 28
Price: $8.99

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A hungry witch spies a little, lost puppy. Aha! she thinks. What a good stew he’ll make! But first she needs to fatten him up. He’s way too scrawny to eat just yet.

So she feeds him, and cuddles him, and lets him sleep with her on the bed. And soon the years have passed and the puppy has grown fat, but the witch still hasn’t made stew of him. In fact, she doesn’t even want to anymore.

By the end of this story, the wicked witch undergoes a radical change. Illustrator Michael Suorsa vividly demonstrates this through the change in scenery and witch’s appearance, from dark and spooky to bright and cheery.

Puppy Stew shows us that even the wickedest witch can be transformed by the unconditional love of a dog. A fun read for kids and dog lovers!

Reviewer: Alice Berger