self improvement

The Power Model System

Author: Kay Bennett Ph.D
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Genre: Self-improvement
ISBN: 142514825-5
Pages: 256
Price: $22.95

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Are there certain negative behaviors you do over and over again, but no matter how hard you try, you simply can’t seem to change them? If you’ve read and worked with other self-help books, but couldn’t make lasting improvements, Kay Bennett Ph.D believes her system can help you.

The Power Model System teaches that only you are the expert on you, and by delving into your past with the help of a personal Higher Power, you’ll be able to find your own response patterns. This system is a series of worksheets and deep questions that help guide you to the knowledge you seek in solving your problems.

You won’t be able to read through this book in one sitting. If you take the time to delve into these questions, it may take months to complete the program. The author has recorded many instances of people successfully working this system at her workshops, and this may be the approach you decide to take.

The exercises in this book build on each other, and when you finish, you’ll have a personal blueprint model of your life that will guide you in making positive future decisions.

Reviewer: Alice Berger