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Elmo’s Christmas Countdown

elmoAuthor: Meg McLaughlin
Illustrator: Tom Leigh
Publisher: Dalmatian Press
Genre: Children / Christmas
ISBN: 1-40375-013-0
Pages: 24
Price: $3.50

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When Santa’s elf crashes his sleigh, it nearly causes a holiday disaster. The Christmas Counter Downer has lost its boxes, and without it, Christmas will be late. But Elmo suggests they make a wish on the Christmas star for the boxes to reappear.

As if by magic, each of the boxes is returned to Santa’s elf in the correct order, counting down from ten to one. And when the last box is returned, they realize a true Christmas miracle has occurred because Christmas will arrive right on time.

Adapted from the original screenplay, Elmo’s Christmas Countdown is a new and fresh Christmas tale that also teaches counting – but in reverse. This fun Sesame Street story will please kids and adults alike.

Reviewer: Alice Berger