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honeycombAuthor: Israel Del Rio
Genre: New Age Fiction
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1-434-80954-4
Price: $15.00

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Did you ever wonder what your next life would be like once this one is over? The possibility exists that once you die, you will “come back” and experience a completely different reality. But what if you were given the opportunity to choose that next life? Israel Del Rio entertains this fascinating idea in his new book, Honeycomb.

An ordinary man enters into the mystical realm of the Honeycomb, where a rather eccentric spiritual guide presents him with an extraordinary opportunity. The man may randomly pick five scrolls from the Honeycomb each representing five separate lives. From those, he can choose his next life. With the assistance and resolve of his spiritual guide, the man must decide quickly or his next life will be chosen for him.

Del Rio presents an alluring snapshot into the lives of five very different individuals.  Through his observations, the man is faced with a difficult decision, one the reader eagerly awaits throughout the course of the book.

Honeycomb may be considered part of a new literary genre, New Age Fiction. I believe it to be an excellent work that needs no special label. Quite simply, it is an entertaining novel that stands on its own as a work that includes new ideas, old concepts, and a refreshing voice. I highly recommend it to all those who have an open mind.

Reviewer: Gene Berger