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Daphne (the penguin who wanted to fly)

Author: Christopher Logan
Publisher: Lulu
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-4357-5038-8
Price: $18.95

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When Daphne’s mother mysteriously vanishes, Daphne is left with the responsibility of caring for her four brothers. She’s a good penguin and loves her brothers dearly, so she embraces this task cheerfully, providing a loving and nurturing home for them all. But secretly she wonders what happened to her mother, and hopes that one day they will see each other again.

As all penguins do, upon reaching their fourteenth birthday, Daphne must present her secret wish to the elders. This process terrifies her, since her wish is to fly, and this is something that is forbidden for penguins. But her longing is so strong – could it possibly come true?

Christopher Logan’s artistry shines in this book, as he paints the picture of black and white penguins collecting colorful objects to brighten the drabness of their everyday existence. The use of funny and clever character names is also endearing – especially the “Dusk Bunnies” and the names of Daphne’s brothers.

But it’s his message that we all have wishes that need to be fulfilled that’s at the core of this book. Told in a folklore manner, Daphne reveals to us that wishes can come true, if we want them with all our being. Full of magic and mystery, this heart-warming story will leave you believing miracles can happen in your own life.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

October 3, 2008 - Posted by | fantasy

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