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The Governor’s Wife

Author: Kate Rizor
Publisher: Stargazer Press
Genre: Romance
ISBN: 0-9734940-8-5
Pages: 191
Price: $15.00

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On the night Tanner Thornberg told his wife, Andra, that he wanted a divorce, she disappeared. For ten years he watched and waited for any news that she had been found, and he finally gets the call he’s been both hoping for and dreading.

Andie has no memories from before her visit to the hospital after a car accident. When she finds out the man with her has intent to harm her, she flees to the streets. Now she’s living as a homeless woman, trying to survive. After an arrest for taking a bottle of cough medicine identifies her as Andra Thornberg, she returns to live with Tanner as the wife of the governor of New York.

Though both feel the flames of passion that once burned between them, they’re also wary and distrustful of each other. Andie doesn’t even know this man who calls himself her husband, yet she’s drawn to him anyway. And Tanner hardly recognizes the woman who now lives with him. But as they both get to know each other again, will they fall in love once more?

A romance in every sense of the word, The Governor’s Wife sentimentalizes the plight of the homeless, painting a somewhat unrealistic picture of those who live on the streets. Tanner’s strong attraction to his wife also seemed unexpected since he gave no indication in the opening scene that he still had feelings for her.

But overall, I enjoyed this story, as it’s always reassuring to see a marriage pulled back from the brink of divorce. The Governor’s Wife is a nice, feel-good read.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

October 2, 2008 - Posted by | romance

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