self improvement

I.M. Heart

Author: Sue P. McDaniel, PhD
Publisher: Alternatives
Genre: Self-help
ISBN: 978-0-615-16178-5
Pages: 112
Price: $14.95

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If you long to really live your life, but somewhere along the way you’ve forgotten how to feel, I.M. Heart will show you how. This charming line-drawn heart character will lead you through the many feelings you face, and will guide you in feeling them fully.

These feelings include pain, fear, love, and connection to spirit and others. Gently and lovingly, this little heart shares some experiences that create the feelings, and how he/she has learned to live with them.

Filled with “I am” affirmations, I.M. Heart reassures us we’re okay just as we are, and that we’re becoming even better. Feelings are the way we get in touch with ourselves and create a more dynamic and joyful life.

There are no “shoulds” in this book, and you won’t be made to feel guilty for anything. Instead, you’ll be coaxed to consider small changes and new possibilities to enrich your life. The positive energy in I.M. Heart will uplift and encourage you on your journey.

Reviewer: Alice Berger