The Cake Thief

Author: Sally O. Lee
Publisher: Booksurge
Genre: Children’s
ISBN: 1-4196-8392-6
Pages: 32
Price: $17.99

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A peculiar little boy named Clarence likes to steal all the cakes in his neighborhood. Wearing his mask, he sneaks into homes and steals them from their stands. But one day he receives a surprise. When he lifts the cake cover, he finds an invitation addressed “to the cake thief” to attend a party. But he needs to bring a cake.

Knowing he can’t bring one that he stole, he gets to work baking his own cake. When it’s done, it’s just as wonderful as the others, and he goes to the party, no longer needing to wear his mask. And since he now knows how to bake his own cake, he doesn’t need to steal them anymore.

This is a charming tale of a misfit who finally finds a way to fit into his community. Sally O. Lee also illustrates the text in vibrant and colorful oil paintings. Combining lyric prose and whimsical illustrations, The Cake Thief is sure to delight children of all ages.

Reviewer: Alice Berger