The Squirrel, the Worm and the Nut Trees

Author: Jimmie Powell
Illustrated by: Bobbi Switzer
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Genre: Children
ISBN: 978-1-4327-1326-3
Pages: 42
Price: $15.95

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Mr. Worm and his friends are determined to keep Mr. Squirrel and his family from getting any nuts. The worms have covered the nuts in webs and they’ve all rotted. Now Mr. Squirrel needs to come up with a plan to get his nuts before Mr. Worm can get to them each year.

Though his plan is not particularly clever, he and his family are able to outsmart Mr. Worm and get their nuts. And Mr. Worm is never any wiser.

This story has great potential as a problem-solving attempt by a family of squirrels. But the solution is very ordinary, and the problem itself is puzzling. Why did the worms want the squirrels to starve? No answer is provided.

The brightest contribution to this story is the illustrations by Bobbi Switzer. Cheerful and colorful, these delightful squirrels come alive in their forest habitat.

Reviewer: Alice Berger