Julie & the Lost Fairy Tale

Author: Janie Lancaster
Publisher: Star Publish
Genre: Children’s
ISBN: 1-932993-60-6
Pages: 108
Price: $10.95

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Every kid knows there are treasures waiting for them in Grandmother’s attic. When Julie goes up to investigate, she expects to find baby squirrels. Instead she discovers a lost fairy tale.

The original owner of the manuscript came to the United States fifty years ago with the goal of seeing it published. Since she wasn’t able to complete her mission, Julie takes over for her, making a promise to see the fairy tale in print.

Julie’s quest to fulfill her promise sets in motion her own magical fairy tale. The reader will delight in her enthusiasm and determination in achieving her mission. And this story, just like the best fairy tales, has a happy ending that will leave you smiling.

Reviewer: Alice Berger