What Your Mother Never Told You

Author: Richard M. Dudum
Publisher: Island Publishing
Genre: Self-help / Teens
ISBN: 978-1-4196-7869-1
Pages: 245
Price: $14.95

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Teen girls today face situations that their parents couldn’t even anticipate, let alone warn them about. Richard M. Dudum has worked with teens for twenty-eight years, and he knows what’s really going on. What Your Mother Never Told You shares his observations with girls, so they can survive this turbulent time in their lives.

Teen girls need to recognize just how special they are. Several chapters focus on the importance of maintaining a good reputation and always putting your best foot forward. A girl needs to honor and respect herself so she can make sure she doesn’t put herself in positions where her reputation will suffer.

Next the issues of sex, drugs and alcohol are covered, but not by using a lecture. Dudum doesn’t condemn or condone their use. Instead he guides girls to “trust their stomach.” He doesn’t tell them not to drink, though he does strongly encourage them to avoid alcohol. Instead he advises them on how to handle drinking – to never get so drunk that they don’t know what’s happening around them.

He talks straight on sex, explaining how boys manipulate girls just to get into their pants. And he tells them how to know when to tell a boy that he’s full of sh*t. No girl owes a boy anything – no matter what he’s said or given them.

This is a true survival guide, since many girls find themselves in very grave danger, through careless decisions or in places they have no business being. Dudum provides statistics and stories on girls who ended up either dead or sexually molested, as a reminder that there are consequences to every action.

Although it saddened me to see what teen girls face every day, this book was a wake-up call that I think girls can relate to. Dudum talks straight, in no-nonsense terms, as an adult figure they can trust. I believe this brilliant and well-written book can help girls to stay true to themselves, and avoid destructive behavior that will mar their reputations or possibly end their lives.

Reviewer: Alice Berger