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Just Snap Your Fingers and… Bingo You’re Sober!

Author: Maurice “Mo” Murray
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Genre: Self-help
ISBN: 978-1-4343-2881-6
Pages: 87
Price: $10.49

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Your true love, Ethyl, is dead. Ethyl Alcohol, that is – or Jack Daniels, if you prefer. And now it’s time to change your “Order of Loves.” In this recovery workbook, Mo Murray will guide you in learning to live without your first love.

Murray is a former substance abuse counselor who is also in recovery. Speaking from his years of personal experience and in counseling, he uses both humor and the truth about excess drinking to reach the alcoholic who still suffers. Several questions guide the reader through his own feelings and experiences of what his drinking has done to his life.

This book isn’t an early recovery guide, and it assumes that the reader has had some experience already in AA. Murray refers to the twelve steps and other program materials shared in AA, and without having attended meetings, the reader may find these references confusing.

The final chapter presents a self-hypnosis session, which allows the reader to reprogram his thinking and make an attitude adjustment. Murray believes that this positive affirmation statement will help the still-suffering alcoholic to rise above his limited thinking and achieve sobriety.

This is a fairly light-hearted book on a relatively serious subject, but recovery has its humorous moments, and learning sometimes comes easier with laughter. This book, by itself, probably won’t get someone sober, but along with the AA program and a sponsor working together, it would be a helpful guide in recovery.

Reviewer: Alice Berger