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Sacred Wisdom

Author: Helga Schroder
Publisher: Suka Press
Genre: Spiritual
ISBN: 978-0-9787593-0-8
Pages: 380
Price: $24.95

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Lou van Helden is living his life according to the American dream. He has a good-paying job, a nice home, and he’s searching for a beautiful wife to make it all complete. To his way of thinking, money can buy everything, and he wants as many of the good things as he can afford.

Then one day, while he’s out taking a jog, he comes to a mysterious house in the woods and meets the Novemvirat, a group who tell him that he’s a Knight of the First Order and he has an important mission in life. Lou is intrigued by their message, and is determined to find out what he needs to do to fulfill that mission.

His journey takes him to Brazil, where he visits with his Uncle Ray, a Catholic priest, who shares his experiences in living a simple and spiritual life. Then when Lou returns to the United States, he studies meditation with a Buddhist Lama. He also meets a wonderful woman who shares his vision of living a more spiritual life.

Lou’s journey is not unlike the one many of us take at some point in our lives. We grow tired of material things, and instinctively know there has to be something more – something that really matters. As Lou makes his discoveries about what’s important to him, he inspires us to also search for and find that for ourselves. If we look within and learn to connect with our own spirituality, we can also find a path that brings us true joy.

Reviewer: Alice Berger

November 20, 2007 - Posted by | spirituality

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